The love of truth

“Only the love of truth will keep us from the abuse of truth” – Vince Vitali.
Many think that truth is truth and that it stands alone and untouchable. However when we look closer we see truth being suppressed for various reasons. It can be simply avoided, or even sliced and diced to say something else completely (think main stream news media and their various agendas).
It’s like food: you can eat it raw and organic or you can eat it processed will pretty much all the good nutrients cooked out.
Jesus said “I am the truth”.
So, I think it’s fair to say that all info we receive must be interpreted through a perspective that only Jesus can give. When we have a grid or filter that is based on the Word, we can begin to get understanding and wisdom in what is really going on. Without it, we are subject to being manipulated by others as to what is true or not, according to their agenda.  Remember there are people who ‘suppress’ truth. (Romans 1:18).
Thankfully, we have the Spirit of truth (the Holy Spirit), the word of truth (the Bible) and of course the peson of truth living in us (Jesus). Let us learn to trust in the voice of truth in us by God.